Zoology, the study of animals truly typifies the most formidable and inspiring frontier in science. The 21st century has been denominated as the Century of Biology, with biomedical, biotechnological, biodiversity and environmental issues at the frontline of nearly every face to four society. It provides the core for understanding and addressing these problems, from the cellular and molecular to the ecosystem and landscape levels of complexity. The inception of the department took place in the year 2011. The Department is situated in the first floor of the Science Block. The Department conducts a six-semester under graduate programme (B.Sc.) in Zoology. The department has a very good zoological museum, which is the center of attraction not only for science students but also for the arts students. The museum was started in the year 2017 and presently houses a large number of specimens which provides inspirations and insights to the students regarding biodiversity and its conservation.

Head of Department

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad