Gagren Shopian,
Jammu and Kashmir


The College library is functioning as an important information and knowledge resource centre, fulfilling in academic needs of students, faculty and other staff members. All the housekeeping activities are performed in an automated environment using RFID technology. The library is equipped with modern gadgets of information technology and latest methods/ techniques are being used for information processing, retrieval and dissemination.

Library users are advised to adhere strictly to the following instructions:

  1. The library is a place of study and research. It demands clean and transparent atmosphere, which is strictly been maintained in the library. Cooperation from the users will add to this atmosphere.
  2. Smoking, noise, chatting etc. are prohibited in the library.
  3. Mobile phones should be switched off or put in silent mode within the library premises.
  4. Personal/ private books and bags are not allowed inside the library. These are to be deposited at the property counter.
  5. Cash, jewellery and other costly things should not be deposited at the property counter.
  6. The library does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to the personal belongings left at the property counter.
  7. Tearing off, marking and mutilation of pages of books is strictly prohibited.
  8. The activities inside the library are monitored through CCTVs.